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Got a nice surprise from a good buddy of mine. One of those phones calls where minutes turn to hours. Danny and I haven't spoke in over a year. I changed my number since moving from Norcal to the PNW and life has just got in the way. I've been off the grid since my car accident trying to recover and keep perspective on a short supply of sleep. Danny had tried calling a good bit and wondered if I had gotten mobbed by Antifa or maybe been battling the 'rona. Fortunately neither ha.. We catch up and talk about how our families...

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Shawn Chen of Thrasher Magazine caught this big hen (on the right) while fishing with guide Billy Driessen on the Sacramento River. The fish was caught on a 10" Hiro boat side after triggering her with a quick couple reel pops. Unfortunately due to the fish choking the bait too deep a gill was damaged and the fish was unable to be released. Congrats on a beautiful fish Shawn.

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