About us

For some reason at an early age I was obsessed with all things fishing. While kids were glued to their Atari's and Nintendo's growing up I was either watching fishing shows, riding my bike to the lake, or begging my parents to get dropped off at the pier. Bass fishing in the warmer months and salmon and steelhead fishing in the cooler months. Years progressed and fish tanks accumulated and I couldn't shake the bug. In my early 20's and in search for a fresh perspective I sold the tanks and left Seattle and moved down to sunny California in the 90's. I lived in the big city (SF and surrounding cities) and was thriving with all the new experiences, but during the week left for the country side driving trains over the CA Delta to Fresno. This new perspective was being corrupted with childhood memories and the idea of throwing frogs and spinnerbaits along infinite weed lines was hard to resist. Following my childhood intuition I parked the city life and began exploring this new found gold mine. I began fishing lakes close to home in the bay area and developed an understanding of what made them tick all the while being bit by the trophy bass bug. It was there that my passion turned to obsession and I started developing my own lures in an effort to show the fish something different. 
Through very fortunate circumstances I've built some great relationships since then with trophy hunters around the country. These relationships have both shaped my own perspective on trophy hunting as well as given me a deeper understanding of lure making.  
Outside of chasing trophy fish and working on my own lures I've also been fortunate to work as a writer for TackleTour.com and have exchanged words with some of my own hero's such as world record holder Manabu Kurita, B.A.S.S. Angler Kota Kiriyama, Deps founder Mr. Okumura, early Castaic lake legend Danny Gillespie, and TV show host Larry Dahlberg.

I'm committed to following my own intuition and desire to keep showing the fish something different. I build limited numbers of lures that follow both cold and warm water species throughout the seasons. For updates on future releases and projects please leave your email at the bottom of the page. 

Thanks for stopping by, 
Brock Hiroshima