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Gorilla hunter Jacob Bean caught this beautiful 11lb 4oz giant in southern Oregon.    "The females in Lake X were suspended under main lake docks to ambush trout. Its all about timing on this lake and the fish seemed to be on a glide bite because they would mimic the movement of the bait when they followed. You would get followers if you casted shallow and pulled the bait back out deep. Trout eaters are always looking out towards the main lake so to get one of the true giants to bite you had to position the boat shallow and cast way...

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Shawn Chen of Thrasher Magazine caught this big hen (on the right) while fishing with guide Billy Driessen on the Sacramento River. The fish was caught on a 10" Hiro boat side after triggering her with a quick couple reel pops. Unfortunately due to the fish choking the bait too deep a gill was damaged and the fish was unable to be released. Congrats on a beautiful fish Shawn.

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