8" Surface Raider

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Similar to the 8" Hirocaine this bait was designed to be thrown in the heavy winds on the Ca Delta and Clear Lake. This bait has a big profile and mimics a wounded crappie.

The wake bait version sits a bit higher than the Hirocaine and has less shoulder roll but still throws a good wake.The low floater and suspenders I made to work over the dying fall grass and around docks and in my opinion will be a different look as you can pause them over key areas with very little rise. The slow and medium sinkers can be fished in the depths that traditional crank baits cannot reach depending on line size and make up.

The bait comes with equipped with 1/0 and #1 Decoy quad XS-21's to gain maximum hook points per square inch. You can play around with hook size and extra rings for more/less sink when working shallower weedy flats or for fish that may crash the bait to stun it. 

Weight 5.5 oz 

Size 8"