8" Dock Raider (in stock)

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Length: 8" 

Weight: 5oz

Sink Rate: Super Slow Sink and Slow Sink 


I originally designed this bait to pitch the docks on Clear Lake and the Delta. There is a bounty of crappie that overlap these areas and big fish love to eat them, even in the winter in the deeper rocky haunts.

There are a few presentations that have worked well for me and guys I've worked with over the years. My favorite is pitching into the wind and bringing the bait into docks on the deeper edges and then picking it apart shallower. Another good presentation is throwing outside these docks to any isolated cover or weeds. Big fish will often travel between the two pinning fish on one obstacle or the other. Also pitching this bait in areas no one has touched and are hard to get to works. Be it dock lines,buoy lines,etc.. 

The tall body coupled with compact rear section big impression in the water column. The bait has been custom tuned and weighted with Decoy XS-21 Quads in #1 and #2 to give the bait a lot of hook surface and thinner wire for deeper penetration. 

As always presentation is matched with the mood of the fish.

- over forty hours of hand carving, is spent on each master before molding
-multiple prototypes are fished before production molds are made
- hand poured with specially formulated resin and maximum crush strength floatation
-individually weighted and hand tuned 
-each lure is test swam in a 24'x8' test tank both after final primer coat and after final finish. 
-premium high adhesion automotive primer 
- all finish paint is custom tinted fade resistant premium automotive paint 
- high solid high build 2k automotive clear coat 
-premium hooks and split rings from Japan 
-lifetime guarantee against manufacturer defects (warranty is void if bait is modified or repainted)