8.5" Hiro soft tail

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Length- 8.5"

Weight- 4-4.5oz 

Sink rate- slow sink


Built off a different frame than the original 8.5" hard tail this lure was designed to be a zippier bait that also required less line pickup to impart movement. This allows the bait to stay out on the end of the cast where spooky trophy fish live. The bait has been custom tuned and weighted with two #1 Decoy quad hooks.

Presentation is matched with the mood of the fish, slow roll with reel pops around key structure/cover can often trigger the biggest bites. 



- over forty hours of hand carving, is spent on each master before molding

-multiple prototypes are fished before production molds are made

- hand poured with specially formulated resin and maximum crush strength floatation

-individually weighted and hand tuned 

-each lure is test swam in a 24'x8' test tank both after final primer coat and after final finish. 

-premium high adhesion automotive primer 
- all finish paint is custom tinted fade resistant premium automotive paint 
- high solid high build 2k automotive clear coat 
-premium hooks and split rings from Japan 
-lifetime guarantee against manufacturer defects (warranty is void if bait is modified or repainted)